The Last Laugh
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A book about murder and comedy. With twists and turns around every corner, it’s sure to be a surprise. 

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And the cop says….I don’t care what the dog said, I’m giving you a ticket anyway!”

The crowd exploded with laughter. There were snorts, giggles guffaws, even some whistles. Some people were laughing so hard they had to wipe tears from their eyes. Chickey went on.

“I have the worst timing. I called a friend today – caught him in the middle of a golf game.” He paused, throwing his hands up in a helpless gesture. “He was understandably teed off!”

He smiled and mugged for the cameras. He was determined to win this competition if it killed him! Or – rather – everyone else!


A gorgeous assistant

Lynn leaned toward the injured man, making a great show of examining his bruises. Chickey stared, mesmerized, at the small glimpse of cleavage this vantage point gave him access to and breathed the heady but subtle scent of Lynn’s perfume.

Later, watching the ambulance pull away from the theater, Fitzhugh remarked, “That was some interview technique, detective.”

Lynn smiled. “Momma always said – use what the good Lord gave ya.”

“Well, Momma would be proud,” Fitzhugh replied.


An Old School Cop

Fitzhugh’s desk was a jumble of precariously balanced piles of file folders and books. It was a system only understood by its creator.

Visitors to the area, whether guilty or not, invariably felt intimidated by both the mayhem and the man. His investigative style was unique, bordering on the unorthodox sometimes, but almost always effective. His ability to solve cases was the stuff of legend.

Fitzhugh was an intimidating man, both physically and intellectually. At just under 6’ 4”, his stocky build made him appear even larger. When he fixed his gaze on a suspect, the green of his eyes seemed to burn like kryptonite.


Murder is funny

“Hey, Fitz, ya got another dead comic! They just pulled the guy outta the river. It seems they found him…”

“The river…” Kelly said. She and Fitzhugh exchanged knowing glances and Fitzhugh spoke up, interrupting the detective.

“Was it a guy name of James Yellowfish?”

“It was… yeah! Geez, Fitz. What are you, some kind of psychic?”

“Don’t have to be,” Fitzhugh explained. “Just gotta have a sense of humor.”


"Twin-triguing" Mystery

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING here!” the question came from both twins in unison, each one glaring at the other. Their expressions were so similar that for a moment it was as if they spoke into a mirror.

“You. Are. Out. Of. Your freaking mind! There is no way in hell I’m taking the rap for you on this.”

“But – Chickey. You have done such a good job of hiding me all these years. It’s like I don’t exist…” Luke trailed off, smirking, waiting for Chickey to understand.

“I…I told the detectives about you!” Chickey sputtered.

“Did you now? And did they believe you? Did they ever see us together?”


A family Secret

He tried to make allowances for Luke, tried to remember the damage to his brain from the nitrous oxide overdose so long ago. He should be used to this by now. Luke’s childish sense of humor, his tantrums and impulsiveness. He shouldn’t get upset with Luke.

“It wasn’t Luke’s fault. It wasn’t Luke’s fault.” Chickey kept repeating this mantra until his breathing had quieted and he was calm again.

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