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Chopper Optional

By Donna Wylie

Chopper Optional

Recipes for the Recently Toothless

Ever have those days when chewing hurts? And you were sick of eating yogurt and pudding? Maybe you are recovering from dental surgery and can’t eat solid foods just yet. What if I told you there was a way to still eat your favorite junk foods like pizza, tacos, and chili dogs?

Denture Adventure

By Donna Wylie

Denture Adventure

The Year I Got Teeth for my Birthday

This book was born from my frustration. When I was considering dentures, I wanted to know everything I could about the process.  I wanted to know what to expect – everything, from the procedure itself to how to put the teeth in and how it worked to eat with them. This is the story of my journey, and an explanation of the stages I went through. I offer it to you, in the hopes that it will help you with your own “Denture Adventure.” 

Acclaimed Author

Donna Wylie

Donna’s philosophy has always been that life is too interesting to confine yourself to just one genre. Poetry was her first love and continues to be her passion, but she also writes non-fiction books and articles that are focused on educating and helping others. Novels are a more recent interest, an outlet for both her imagination and her sense of humor. If you think murder can’t be funny, you need to read her books. They reflect Donna’s other philosophy – that life is too short to be taken seriously!

Everything is fuel for the fire of Donna’s imagination.  Everyday occurrences become plot twists. News stories prompt a flurry of “what if” questions: What if that happened here? How would I feel if that happened to me or someone I know? How would I respond in that situation?

Donna also writes a blog, “The Search for Intelligent Life”, where she posts humorous observations and essays on life. She also maintains several Facebook pages, including an author page where she often posts impromptu poetry.

Her poetry sums it up best –

“I’m on my way, I know not where, I only know I’m going. I’ve nothing but time to take me there and nothing to seek but the knowing.”

Donna Wylie Author

Other Books

Thinks in Rhyme

Thinks In Rhyme

“Poetry lives in me, body and soul Inhaling life and exhaling whole stanzas”

How Natural is my Pain Relief

How Natural is my Pain Relief

Finally! An answer to the question, “What Is All That Stuff in My ‘Natural’ Pain Relief”. 280+ ingredients, explained in plain language.

The Last Laugh

The Last Laugh

Think murder isn’t funny? Someone thinks it is. Someone with a sick sense of humor is murdering comedians in ironically humorous ways.


The first time I read Donna Wylie’s book titled, “Keep Dancing”, I knew I had been privileged to share in the heart and soul of a deeply sensitive poet who reminded me of Anais Nin, Thomas Wolfe, and T.S. Elliot, who wrote…”there is only the dance”. Thank you Donna! 

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